Terms and conditions of 3-month promotion

The 3-month promotion for lasershop.online is open between 14 September 2021 and 31 October 2021. The promotion is applied to users that submit their name and email address into the ‘register your interest’ form located at https://lasershop.online/register-your-interest/ during the promotion period.

The promotion is for zero transaction fees for three (3) calendar months from the release date of lasershop.online. Normal fees for lasershop.online will consistent of:

  • a monthly subscription fee for access to the service;
  • a transaction fee for every order that is paid for through the online store; and
  • payment processing fees on-charged by our payment service provider (for example, Stripe).

The promotion entitles the recipient to zero transaction fees during the 3-month benefit period. The monthly subscription fee and payment processing fees will still apply.

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